Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tawdry Terrier Handmade Nail Polish!

Good evening Zombies!

This evening, I have a new up and coming indie nail polish company to show off to you! Tawdry Terrier is a brand new indie company based on Etsy which hand blends all of their nail polish.Their mission statement is:

Tawdry Terrier sells handmade, 5-free nail polish. Not tested on animals. Established in 2013.

1. Gaudy and cheap in nature or appearance.
2. Shameful or indecent: tawdry secrets.
Cheap and gaudy finery.

I love the name of this company. It's whimsical yet naughty at the same time!

I love the packaging! Look at those adorable pups! 

Top of the boxes

The tissue paper was color coordinated with the nail polish inside each box.

Back of each box- ingredients and information

The goodies! L to R: Preppy Puppy, Little Surfer Dog, and Muttjito Mint. Cutest names EVER! And sooooo flashy!

Top of the bottles with names of the each nail polish.

Close up of labels. So adorable!

Descriptions per Etsy store:

Muttjito Mint - a mint metallic glass fleck nail polish with a mix of pink, mint, and silver glitter

Preppy Puppy - hot pink glass fleck nail polish with a mix of pink, white, and lime green glitter 

Little Surfer Dog - is the exclusive bonus polish, which will only be available to customers who purchase the entire Dog Days of Summer collection. It is a warm yellow glass fleck nail polish with a mix of yellow, orange, and turquoise glitter. Little Surfer Dog was inspired by the colors of the sunshine and the ocean and named after the Beach Boys' song Little Surfer Girl.

Swatches! (2 coats of polish for each swatch.)

I will be using these in upcoming manis! Stay tuned to my Instagram- @makeupzombie and Facebook (MakeupZombie) for the posts! 

My thoughts!

I'm a total sucker for flashy, glittery, over the top indie nail polish. There I admitted's my new obsession. So, when I received these nail polish for review, I did a little dance of delight.

Little Surfer Dog is a cheery bright yellow with orange and green hex glitter and mico glitter in the base. In the bottle I didn't except it to be as opaque as it ended up being, even with one swipe of the polish. It's lovely with just the right amount of sparkle. I also noticed the glitter pieces were easy to apply on the nail wheel and didn't want to clump up all in one spot.

Muttjito Mint is a fun mint green shade. However, I'm not a huge fan of metallic or frosty nail polish. I WILL give this one a slide as it is filled with pretty pink and silver round and square glitter chunks and again, the glitter was easy to apply and spread evenly on the nail wheel.

Preppy Puppy is a lovely hot pink with pink, green, and white glitter pieces throughout it's base. It too has micro glitter scattered throughout. I don't know why, but this color reminds me of watermelon Jolly Ranchers. :D Again, the glitter was easy to apply and the color was pretty pigmented with only one swipe on the nail wheel.

I love the bottles. LOVE. I adore the fact that the labels of each nail polish is on the TOP of the bottle which makes it so easy to find a color if you store them as I do in a drawer! The bottles themselves are pretty darn sturdy and I like how clean and modern they look.

These colors are quite flashy and "gaudy" (if you will) and have such cute puppy themed names. You really can't go wrong.

A bottle of nail polish from Tawdry Terrier is $10.00 (USD) (which is pretty standard for indie nail polish with such an amazing amount of glitter and color) or you can pick up the entire "Dog Days of Summer" collection (7 nail polish which include Little Surfer Dog) for $60.00.

Keep track of Tawdry Terrier on Facebook and let them know Makeup Zombie sent ya! ;)

*Products in this post were sent to MZ for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wet N Wild "On Edge" Cream eyeliner! Initial thoughts.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Last week, I was at Walgreens and had some award savings to cash in.. As I was wandering around the makeup aisle (as I tend to do sometimes) I noticed the new Wet N Wild "On Edge" cream eyeliner in "Little Black Dress" which is part of the recent 'Fergie Collection'. For $4.99 (minus my reward) I decided to snag it.

Let's just say... I wasn't too impressed.

The liner came with a eyeliner brush which was pretty much worthless for eyeliner. I see it being much more effective for applying lipstick or lip gloss. For the sake of this post however, I went with it and applied my liner with the brush that came with the liner.

In the jar, the cream liner is a beautiful inky black! I was really excited to see how this bad boy would apply and just how intense of a black line I could get it.

Sadly, it fell a bit short. These swatches are 3 swipes of product. I was hoping it would be much more build-able but unfortunately it was pretty splotchy. The product itself was waxy on my hand and if I tried to apply more to cover up a splotchy area, it would take more product off. It just didn't want to apply evenly.

I figured maybe it was my hand was too oily which could be causing the product to react that way, so I tried it on my eye. One swipe of liner across my upper lash line wasn't enough (I typically do not have oily lids), so I let it set for a moment and tried again, but then it dragged some of the product already on my eye off of it. And so round and round we go until I finally just sort of 'gave up' and snapped this photo. It looks better in the picture than it did in real life. Toward the bottom of my lash line, there were definite streaks and areas missing liner. Plus, the brush provided is a bit too thick to apply eyeliner.

I had pretty high expectations for this eyeliner because personally I love cream liners. I was really excited, but ended up feeling like it was just more work than it was worth. I have pencil liners that glide on much smoother and more pigmented than this one. I AM going to give it one more try with full eyeshadow (primer, base, eyeshadow) and using an angled liner brush to see if that makes any sort of difference. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New! Brazen Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick! Plus a CONTEST!

Good morning beautiful Zombies!

I hope you're all having a nice week so far! Two of my 3 kids are now in school and my house feels extra quiet..I'll have to get use to this.

I was given the opportunity to swatch some of the new Liquid Lipstick by Brazen Cosmetics for you all. Brazen has upped the amp on their website and has come out with some seriously gorgeous lipstick! Let's jump right in!

*Please be sure to click images for maximum awesome!

I received:

Starlet: Girly Pink w/Sugary Shimmer 
Le Femme: Peachy Neutral with Gold Sheen 
Trophy Wife: Expensive Coral Peach w/Gold Shimmer 
Swagger: Surprisingly Complex Lilac/Beige/Pink 
Hot Blooded: Warm Burgundy with Sexy Shimmer

What are the new Liquid Lipstick? (per website)

ULTRAPLUSH (tm) LIQUID LIPSTICK: The latest technology plus vitamins & antioxidants for a flawless moisturizing finish. This lip-softening color is what your lips have been begging for! Opaque full coverage lipstick in a creamy soft texture that gives you everything you love in a lipstick but none of the drying. Our brand new lipstick line comes in a wide range of shades to satisfy every girl’s lust for color! Lightly flavored like vanilla cupcake, does it get any better?

Castor Seed Oil provides fantastic softness with a satin finish. Beeswax holds color on your lips, for a long-wearing formula. Organic Jojoba & Meadowfoam & Argan oils drench your lips in softness, actually improving skin texture and condition. We also add green tea extract, vitamin E (gluten-free) & vitamin C for anti-oxidant & anti-aging properties.

Everything you’ve come to expect from Brazen!

Ingredients close up!

Hand swathes in natural light

Bare lips!

I love the creamy consistency of the new lipstick! I used a lip brush to apply product from the jars and found that they are so easy to apply and spread evenly on my lips; not to mention that each color is super pigmented in it's own way! Each shade has a glossy sheen to it, but no sparkles. My favorite of this lot is Hot Blooded. It's a hot burnt red color and it's gorgeous on my giant lips! I can't wait to wear this color ALL of Fall. ;) Trophy Wife is more bronze than the swatches portray and Swagger has an interesting blue flash to it- the ultimate Taupe lipstick! Starlet is a fun girly pink and Le Femme is just the perfect shade of peach without being too overbearing and crazy on the lips.

There is a light (faint) smell to the lipstick, but it's far from overpowering. The lipstick does hang around quite a while on the lips. I think the glossy sheen is a bit *too* much for me as I enjoy a more subtle creamy texture, but I will still enjoy and wear the crap out of these.

The 11 ML dial up pen is $13.99 with shipping or you can get a 2 gram sample for $2.99 (which I'm assuming are the jars.)

I really love the new packaging that the dial up wands come in!

Brazen's fun business card!


And check this out! Brazen Cosmetics is holding a contest with a chance to win a full set of Liquid Lipstick! Click the image for more details!

Have you tried any of the new Liquid Liptick from Brazen? What are your thoughts?

*products in this post were sent for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Morgana Cryptoria lipstick swatches!

Good evening Zombies!

A month or so ago, Morgana Cryptoria was having a pretty rad sale, and I decided I should snag some of their lipstick. Morgana lipstick are some of my favorites on the indie market and anytime I'm able to buy them (especially on sale), I take full advantage. This time, I placed an order for 5 new lipsticks. A few of them I've been lusting over for a while and a couple of them were spontaneous buys. Check them out!

I ordered:
Soulless Ginger (spontaneous)
Buried Poison (lusted after)
Candy Apple (lusted after)
Blood and Roses (lusted after)
Boysenberry (spontaneous)

*Click images for extra awesome!

Lip swatches!

Hand swatches- natural light

My absolute favorite from the bunch is Buried Poison. Though it may look similar to Boysenberry in the swatches, it's a deeper purple with a much stronger blue sheen to it. Candy Apple is the is the only one of the group that's more matte than the rest and hugs my lips perfectly. Soulless Ginger has amazing pink sparkles that shine in the tube, in swatches, and on the lips! I adore this lipstick, hard. I'm still playing with it, as I'm not use to this type of color on my lips, but so far I think we will make it work. Boysenberry was the only lipstick of the group I had a harder time applying and getting to stick to my lips. I discovered that if I apply it to my hand first which kind of warms it up before applying to my lips, it's easier to work with an spreads more evenly. Blood and Roses, is just...beautiful. I love the bold, rich berry color and the slight flash of blue. As always, Morgana's lipstick are pigmented, creamy, and last a long time on the lips!

I'm in love with my teeny haul. Beautiful lipstick makes me a very happy girl!

Have you tried any of the new (or old) Morgana Cyrptoria's lipsticks? What are your favorites?