Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Chequered Lily Apothecary Review and SWATCHES!

Good evening Zombies!

It's been far too long since I've dusted off my keyboard and did some blogging. Life has been crazy lately. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday (those who celebrate) and that everyone is healthy and happy in 2014.

To kick 2014 off, I figured I'd do a new indie review. I learned about The Chequered Lily from my friend (fiend) Sam, and decided to take advantage of a recent holiday sale they were having. I ordered two sample packs ($5.50 each)- 10 samples each and received 4 extra samples to play with.

The samples I ordered: (descriptions per Etsy store)

Hearts of Fire: Vibrant true red with red pearl and color-shifting blue-fuchsia-violet iridescent glitter
Lovesong: Metallic burgundy-red with red pearl and blue glitter and iridescence
Galaxy: Rich Metallic Violet with Fuchsia/Blue Colorshifting Sparkle
Under the Stars: Soft & Sheer Dirty Denim-Blue with Strong Gold Shimmer
The Penny Arcade: Soft Black with Copper Sparkle and Shimmer
Oxalis: Rich, grassy, clover green with loads of gold glittering reflects
Fairytale: Fairytale is a pale bluish-pink with purple, pink, and blue sparkle and red and turquoise reflects
Her Familiar: Bright Golden-Orange with Green-Gold Glitter
Dead men Tell No Tales: Rich blackened antique copper/bronze with bronze glitter
Snow Angel: Palest Frosty Lavender with Violet Sparkle & Sterling Glitter
 Haunted: Velvety Black With Intense Violet Shimmer
Mr. Wednesday: Cool Pale French Vanilla with Golden Shimmer
 Mrs. Peacock: Dark Golden Teal with Violet Sparkle.
Haute Cocoa: Medium Cocoa Brown with Intense Gold, Bronze, and Chocolate Glitter.
Circassian Girl: Black with Fuchsia Shimmer and Blue-Violet Sparkle
Jareth V2.0: Smokey Rose-Cocoa Brown with Blue and Violet Reflect
 Pharaoh's Curse: Sheer Metallic Gold With Emerald Glitter & Green-Gold Iridescent Sparkle
Monster's Bride: Plush Olive Green/Antique Gold Duochrome With Gold Sparkle
Hearts in Ice: Royal blue with subtle violet undertone and intense red iridescence.
Cursed Treasure: Richest metallic blackened gold with bronze reflect and green-gold glitter

In addition I received:

Fireflies: Inky Purple/Gold Duochrome with Green/Gold Color-shift
Cast No Reflection: Shimmery Blackened Silver With Pale Gold & Silver Sparkle
Snake Charmer: Blackened Green with Intense Green Shimmer and Green-Gold Sparkle
Love Like Winter: Icy pale blue with red reflect and crimson glitter

Swatches! (I did my swatches over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy)


*Dead Men Tell No Tales

Yeah, you see the awesome that I see? I was pretty speechless as I swatched the shades I received. Not only are the eyeshadow super smooth and blend-able, but the pigmentation and the sparkle in some of the shades is to die for.

Hearts of Fire and Fireflies for example:

I'm honestly having a hard time narrowing down favorite from the group. Each shade is unique and stunning in it's own right. I'm a sucker for purples, so Galaxy and Jareth V2.0 both stand out to me. Cursed Treasure and Pharaoh's Curse are both amazing and different golds. Pharaoh's has wonderful lime green sparkles within. Lovesong, Hearts on Fire, and Hearts in Ice are all from the newest Valentine's Day 2013 collection. Hearts in Ice is a great blue/purple duochrome that reminds me of Mephisto from Fyrinnae- but it's not as dark based and a bit easier to apply; as you can see below.

I'm completely and totally in love with The Chequered Lily's eyeshadow. Enough so, that I plan on placing another order tonight. I'm stoked to find a (new to me) indie/handmade cosmetics company that takes such wonderful care in the preparation and quality of their eyeshadow. Shipping took 4 days, including a weekend, from order to receipt. It was lightning fast! Sample size packs are $5.50 USD for 10 samples or a full size (1 gram in a 5 gram jar) for $6.50. There is definitely something for everyone at The Chequered Lily. I'd run, not walk, and go get yourself some. ;)

Have a wonderful evening everyone!

*products in this post were purchased by me. All opinions are my own. 


  1. 'Lovesong' and 'Jareth v2' look gorgeous - but tbh all the shades do!

  2. These all look gorgeous!!! This company is going on my "to try" list! Thanks for the review!

  3. I've had samples from this company for about two years and absolutely love their shadows. They're a company I feel deserves far more recognition than they receive. So glad to see your review!

  4. Oh wow! These are so pretty. I will definitely refer to your pics if/when I make a purchase.

  5. I ordered from them this company a while back. Excellent customer service (the owner put together a sample pack full of everything I wanted and made me a reserve listing for a limited stock eyeshadow. I loved everything I received.

  6. That red is seriously killer, no pun intended ;)

  7. Just placed an order! Excited to try it out. I'm a diehard gold shadow junkie and she's got a lot to choose from!

  8. Just placed an order! Excited to try it out. I'm a diehard gold shadow junkie and she's got a lot to choose from!


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