Saturday, June 14, 2014

MAC "Pure Heroine" !

Good evening lovely zombies!

I am a SUCKER for purple everything, especially purple lipstick. I snatched up "Heroine" a few years ago when MAC teased us that it was limited edition; before it became permanent. So, when I heard that they were releasing "Pure Heroine" with the Lorde collection, I knew it had to be mine.

I also decided to go one step further and compare it next to Heroine for you. There is a reason for this decision. I went into MAC last week (after I'd already purchased Pure Heroine online) just be see if they had a display for me to swatch. I'd seen swatches online, but you makeup junkies know there's nothing like seeing it in person. I didn't think it my counter would have a display as this collection was an online exclusive, but it couldn't hurt to try and any excuse to visit MAC is a good one. ANYWAY, the rude MAC sells associate (it takes A LOT for me to consider a retail sells person "rude". I'm a pretty empathetic person!) tells me that that "Pure Heroine is just Heroine in Lorde packaging." I looked at her with the deer in the headlights expression, mumbled an "mmmmk" and just moved on. It felt like she was just blowing me off but in retrospect, I should have said something to her- politely of course. 1. Pure Heroine and Heroine are two very different colors; even if similar. 2. they are different formulas- Heroine is matte and Pure Heroine is Amplified and 3. Pure Heroine isn't in special or unique Lorde packaging.

I did send MAC a polite email regarding my experience. I really hope that MAC rethinks the training their employees are receiving and hope they revamp the customer service aspect.

Let's just move right along to the good stuff, shall we?

Pure Heroine is on the left, Heroine on the right. As you may be able to tell from the use Heroine has seen. ;)

MAC descriptions-
Pure Heroine: Deep, rich plum
Heroine: Bright purple

Pure Heroine on mah lips!

I adore both of my pretties. I love that they are similar, yet enough different that it doesn't feel or look like I'm wearing the same lipstick! Pure Heroine has a subtle plum tone that makes it darker on my lips than Heroine. Heroine is much brighter and blue toned on my lips!  I will say that if you're expecting Pure Heroine to look as dark and rich as it does on Lorde in the promo photos, it's not that intense or deep and you may be disappointed if that's the color/look you're hoping for. Other than that, if you're a purple lover like me, you NEED both of these bad boys!

Heroine is part of the core line, Pure Heroine is limited edition, but STILL in stock on the MAC website.

*products in this post were purchased by me. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.


  1. I love it. I agree that it's not what it seems and should be more 'Lorde' looking. Phooey I do love it though and you look great.


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