Thursday, July 3, 2014

New "Hard Candy" products for 2014!

Good evening Zombies!

I have some new products from Hard Candy to share with you! Hard Candy has really stepped up their game since I was a tween many moons ago! Hard Candy is avaliable online and at Wal-Mart and various drug stores near you!

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What I received:

Ombre lipstick in "Confidence":
Effortlessly achieve an instant gradation effect for ombre lips with one sweep! Two complementary shades in one lipstick now makes it easier than ever to add definition and fullness to lips. Sweep on the lipstick to your upper lips as the darker shade faces up, and sweep onto your lower lips as the darker shade faces down and VoilĂ !

Color Correcting Primer:
A correcting formula that neutralizes redness and sallowness for a balanced skin-tone that will last all day.

Cheeks and Balances highlight and contour stick in "Sweet Cheeks":
Contouring has never been easier. Now you can create a multi-dimensional look with just one swipe! Cheeks & Balances provides a dual-toned stick that is designed to deliver the perfect amount of highlighter, and blush/bronzer to sculpt, color and illuminate cheeks. 



Highlight and contour stick!

An ombre lipstick? What! What!



 Below I applied the primer, "Sweet Cheeks", and "Confidence"!



I have quite a bit of red and pink undertone in my face as you can tell from the before picture. I do really see a difference in my skin tone after applying the primer. It's not as red and much more even (less splotchy). The pink in my cheeks in the after photo is from "Sweet Cheeks" which looks pink on me even though it has a golden undertone in the tube. The "highlight" color barely showed up, but I did use it sparingly. Next time, I apply it more liberally and experiment with it.

The primer is very smooth and creamy and did not leave a greasy feel to my skin (nor does it have an adverse scent) like some primers do. It also did not burn my eyelids! A lot of primers tend to tingle on my eyelids (I apply primer to my entire face) and this primer left me pleasantly surprised. I'm excited to try it under foundation and powder. My face felt so smooth hours after I applied it as well!

"Confidence" is a fun lipstick. I love that "ombre" has become a thing lately (hair, lips, nails) and that Hard Candy took some of the work out of creating an ombre lip. Unfortunately, the red in Confidence over powers the soft pink, so even slightly pressing your lips together will turn them completely red. Both colors however and shimmery and smooth and feel great on my lips. It's a fun idea and I'd like to try the other colors of ombre lipsticks from Hard Candy.

Overall, these new products from Hard Candy are really fun and great for summer! I love that the Hard Candy line has something for everyone from nail polish to glitter eyeliner and everything in-between and all products are offered at an affordable price (none of the goodies above cost more than $10.00 USD).

*products in this post were provided by Hard Candy for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.


  1. All 3 of the products sound great! I'll have tokkeep an eye out for them.


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