Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sneak Peek at Sugar Skull Minerals "Young Love" collection!

Happy Sunday everyone!

This evening, I am going to show you the soon to be released "Young Love" collection from Sugar Skull Minerals!

This collection contains 11 lovely eyeshadow shades and 4 blushers and will be available July 11th. I'm totally in love with this collection. The colors are soft, sparkly, and there is definitely something for everyone.

Check it out and be sure the click images for maximum awesome!

The colors are (my descriptions of the colors):

Prude: Rich taupe with a strong pink flash
Picnic in the Park: light grass green with sparkles
Promise Ring: icy blue leaning toward silver
Sugar Bear: medium gold with sparkles
Spin the Bottle: It's blue, it's green, it's pink, it's taupe! It's super complex and I can't nail down a description!
XOXO: bubblegum pink with sparkles
Smooches: lovely medium lilac purple with a pink sheen
Under the Bleachers: medium rose pink with red sparkles
Faithful: yellow based gold
I Heart You: soft mauve
Hickey: copper with tons of sparkles

Blush: (the pictures speak for themselves!)
Like a Virgin
Heart Throb
Sweet Cheeks
Make Me Blush

Look at the beautiful shinies! *Swatched over Pixie Epoxy*

Blush swatches

I absolutely adore Spin the Bottle, XOXO, Under the Bleachers, and Prude. They are my favorites of this collection. Every single color in this collection is smooth and buttery which makes them so easy to apply and very blend-able. I'm impressed with the "Young Love" collection and the complexity and beauty of the shades. They are vibrant, sparkly, and wearable.

I don't have a favorite blush because all four of them are wonderful! Sweet Cheeks has fun sparkle throughout and Like a Virgin is a bold bubblegum pink with an awesome blue sheen (which makes me swoon). Again, the colors are bold and pigmented without being chalky. The swatches were over dry, clean skin; no base.

"Young Love" will be available July 11th, so make sure you check out the Etsy shop for more details and in the meantime, check out the eyeshadow currently available at SSM. Here is a break down of sizes and prices:

Loose Pigments:
**3 Color Stacker, w/sifters: (1 1/2 tsp total) ~~$15
Large Jar, no sifter: (1 1/2 tsp) ~~ $14
Small Jar, w/sifter: (1/2 tsp) ~~ $6
Large Sample Baggie: (1/4 tsp) ~~ $2.25

Small Sample Baggie: (1/8 tsp) ~~ $1.25

Do you see something that catches your eye?

*products in this post were provided by Sugar Skull Minerals for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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  1. Your swatches are AWESOME! Your swatch of Spin The Bottle REALLY picks up the duos!

    I actually had no idea this was a preview of a special collection that I'd received. I need to go amend my blog post stat!!!


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