Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wantable July 2014 Makeup Box!

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I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to review July's makeup box from Wantable. Wantable is a monthly subscription box filled with higher end makeup products, accessories, or intimates. Wantable costs $36.00 a month if you subscribe or a one time price of $40.00. The difference in Wantable from other monthly subscription boxes is that you're paying for full sized, high end makeup. (I can't speak for the accessorizes or intimates, however.)

How does it work, you ask?

I took the survey and based on my likes and loves, I received the following:

Vincent Longo lip gloss in the color Rede (.24 oz): Retail- $22.00
Tarina Tarantino Black Fleur mascara (.47 oz): Retail- $19.00
Mica Beauty Cosmetics mineral eye shadow in the color "Breeze" (2.5 gram): Retail- $15.00
OFRA gel eyeliner in "White Rabbit" (5 gram): Retail- $17.00
OFRA pressed blush in "Chameleon" (4 gram): Retail- $15.00

$88.00 suggested retail for $36.00!

Right off the bat, I was impressed by the packaging of the more expensive products. Look at that lovely mascara tube!

The blush compact comes with a built in mirror and the compact itself feels very durable and sturdy.

Swatches of the goods!

Here I am wearing "White Rabbit" gel liner and the Tara Tarintino mascara.

My thoughts!

First off, I don't have $36.00 extra dollars a month to spend on a makeup subscription box. IF I did, I think I'd rather be able to choose the products I'm spending my money on. BUT, for that price, and for those who enjoy a monthly surprise, this box stands out from the rest. Not only are you getting full sized products, but they are all very nice and from great brands. You'll never receive something you 'dislike' (you prefer gel eyeliner over pencil- they will never send a pencil) which is awesome.

"White Rabbit" and "Breeze" are the gems of this box. I swatched them one morning and "White Rabbit" was still on my hand hours later (into the evening). It's got a wonderfully smooth texture and glides on your skin. It is definitely above par for a gel eyeliner.. It is my favorite product from this box. If you've known me long, you know I prefer pigment/mineral eyeshadow and "Breeze" really impressed me. It's so unique! It's silver and green and gray and blue all mixed into one complex shade. I really really dig it.

"Rede" from Vincent Longo was nice and moisturizing, but there is NO way I'd spend $22.00 on this lip gloss. It's a basic red like many others I own and doesn't stand out to me as a unique product at all. I guess you're paying for the name.

I love the Tarina Tarantino mascara tube. It's so pretty and edgy and the embossed logo on the lid is awesome. As for the formula, it was lacking a bit and was some what thick once applied.

"Chameleon" blush is very nice! I love the peachy/pink color and the fact that it has just a teeny bit of shimmer in it. It's really pigmented and build-able and is perfect for my skin-tone.

Overall, I really like this box. I think if you're someone who enjoys monthly subscription boxes and are underwhelmed with your current subscriptions or want something new, you should go for this service. You'll always get high end, full sized goodies and if you're not happy with something, returns are free and the customer service is awesome!

Have you subscribed to Wantable? Check them out on Facebook for regular updates!

*products in this post were sent for consideration and review purposes only. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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