Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Good evening zombies!

I've not done a *personal* post in some time, so I thought I'd make a short one for fun. Last week, I spontaneously decided I needed a hair cut. Something dramatic (for me) and something a lot more manageable. My hair has gone through so much abuse (bleach, dye, flat iron, etc.) that I wanted to shed the dead hair and start over. And I did!

You can cleary see the damage in this picture. 


I'm wearing Morgana Cryptoria's "Platinum Cherry" lipstick, hence the cherries.

The interesting thing about this haircut/style is that all of the sudden, my hair has taken on natural curl. I never noticed the curl/wave before because my hair was so damaged. My bangs still have the frizzies from bleaching, but it's nothing like it was. I can let it air dry and it's full, healthy and bouncy. SCORE!

Nurture your over-processed hair! Get it cut/trimmed regularly and deep condition!


  1. Cute hair! That's a great lipstick color and looks good on you.

  2. love this cut on you! I agree, nothing better than pampering our hair after all the abuse we put it through.

  3. Reminds me I really need to get my hair cut, it's in such bad condition D: love the cut you went for

  4. Love the new haircut. Cheers!

  5. You're so pretty!! I love your glasses too:) great blog!

    I just started my own beauty blog. Check it out if you get the chance :)
    Thanks :)


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