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Fyrinnae Magic...I mean Exquisites!

Happy Hump Day my lovely readers!

As most of you know, Fyrinnae is by far my favorite indie cosmetics company and has been since I first started blogging. So when they post about new products, I jump on it like a kid getting candy! I was SUPER excited to hear about the new Arcane Magic "Exquisites" line and decided to purchase one of each, as well as a few other shades I've been lusting after.

"Exquisites are a new variation of our popular Arcane Magic eye shadows.

These new shadows have stronger color shifts without depending on an opaque base hue, making them stunning alone or over many other colors. The transparency makes them suitable for a wide variety of skintones without compromising color.
A sticky base is highly recommended.

They are packed in the same size jars as our other eyeshadows, and weigh a little less (about 2.3 grams) due to lighter weight ingredients. As with all our Arcane line, the initial color description is from about an arm's length away, then closer and near an indoor light source (sunlight can wash out the shades and effect). A full size jar, which is packed down and filled as much as possible, holds over 5x as much as the Mini jar contains.

Ingredients: Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Mica, Cyclopentasiloxane, Isododecane, Magnesium Stearate. May contain: Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide, Manganese Violet, Tin Oxide, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Silica, Dimethicone, Zinc Stearate, Ferric Ferrocyanide."

I had a few issues placing my order via the website. I'd get to the payment page and get an error each time I tried to pay my invoice. :( Fyrinnae helped to cancel my order so that I could start all over, and once I'd added my selections to the cart and went to check out, I received the same error. I was distraught and had pretty much given up to wait to try a week or so. Much to my surprise, the order shipped that same week and I received it in 2 days. Per my invoice, Fyrinnae had shipped my order gratis due to the trouble with order. I was floored and SO excited. I love the customer service at Fyrinnae and the extra care they take to make things just right.

The Exquisites: (descriptions per Fyrinnae website)

Elegant Revelry:  Varying shades of green and turquoise sparkle on a transparent light reddish brown base hue away from direct light. Closer to light or at certain angles, it becomes light blue and ruddy pink. Very sparkly finish.

Breathtaking: Away from direct light, vibrant pink sparkle and shimmer appear to glow on sheer beige. Closer to light or at certain angles, it shifts to a bright golden peach shade. Very sparkly finish.

Dreamwoven Luxuries: Away from direct light, this appears a complex blend of red and blue hues. Closer to light or at certain angles, it changes to shades of green and gold. Shimmery finish, somewhat metallic when foiled or over a sticky base. This shade is the most opaque of the new five.

On Wings of Silk: Pink sparkles mingle with a transparent pale bronze away from direct light. Closer to light or at certain angles, it shifts to gleaming greenish gold with with hues of peach and lime. Very sparkly finish.

Princess for a Day: Turquoise-blue sparkle tops a sheer burgundy hue for a striking effect. Closer to light or at certain angles, it turns vivid pink. Very sparkly finish.

Core line:

Sakura: Varying hues of pale lavender shimmer make this shadow a great glowing highlight. Try applying over a black base (shadow, cream liner, etc) for a great effect.

Oh, My Stars: Brilliant lime green filled with violet and purple sparkle.

Witchy Woodland Creatures: Glimmering, multi-faceted cocoa taupe. Shades of copper and silver, with hints of pink, gold, and green shimmer on a neutral taupe-brown base make this shadow suitable for a wide range of skintones.

When I Grow Up (free sample): This shade is a "glowing" multi-hue lavender. It's not pastel, but a semi-sheer sparkle shade much like Electric Stardust and Otherworld.

Please be sure to click images for maximum awesome!



Indoor natural light

Outside- blurry to show sparkles

SO much sparkle!

Let's just talk about "Princess for a Day" for a moment. It's so so beautiful and sparkly. It photographed differently each time I took a picture. The base is a rose color and it's topped with wonderful blue and pink sparkles that shine. It's amazing, I just can't even stand it. I did have to use a really sticky base for my swatches (Pixie Epoxy) to get the sparkle to adhere and minimize fallout.

Here I am wearing "Princess for a Day" over a black base!

My second favorite in this lot is "Breathtaking". It's a gorgeous rose/gold and it shifts to different colors depending on the angle. Again, very sparkly and pigmented!  "Elegant Revelry" is another uber sparkly shade, with lots of dimension and shine. I love it! Honestly, I really do love them all. They are all pigmented, shimmery, blend-able and the new Fyrinnae formula makes them almost a creamy consistency that is so easy to apply to the eyelid.

"Oh, My Stars" is also a really fun lime green shade with gold sparkles. I bought it mainly for it's name and because it's lime green. ;) "Witchy Woodland Creatures" is a fabulous neutral shade with a punch of sparkle. Beautiful.

I'm extremely happy with the Exquisites line and I can't wait to see what's on the horizon for Fyrinnae. If you'd like to read more about the Exqusities- check out THIS post.

A mini sized jar of these shadows are $2.75 (1/4 tsp) and a full sized jar (3 grams) is $8.00- the prices are based on (per the Fyrinnae blog):
"The determining factor on keeping these and building upon the collection will be how well they sell for the "second round". With every new release, there are rapid sales in the first few days. Sometimes more than others (Royalty, the new purple blush, sold astoundingly well in the first 2-3 weeks, much to our surprise). After the initial rush, if there is still demand and response is good, we shall keep going with them. The price will be higher due to the considerably higher cost of specialized colorants and the ratio in which they are used."

Please help support Fyrinnae to keep the Exquisites line alive!

Do you own any of the new Exquisite shades? What is your favorite Fyrinnae eyeshadow?

*products in this post were sent "gratis" due to errors in the order process. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.


  1. Oh wow! Those are gorgeous! I have yet to try Fyrinnae...

  2. Oh! Sparkles! Maybe a new eyeshadow (or two!) will be my reward for cleaning up the flooded basement. I love how you've worn the Princess For A Day.

  3. Oh, these are SO pretty! I still haven't tried out mine yet-I think its about time.. :D


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