Friday, September 19, 2014

Sugar Skull Minerals Fall 2014 Collection!

Happy Friday Zombies!

It's beautiful and overcast here in New Mexico today. The perfect weather to blog about the new Fall Collection from Sugar Skull Minerals!  I was lucky enough to receive samples from Victoria of this collection to play with an swatch for you all. Here we go!

There are 8 beautifully blended earth toned colors in this collection.  (descriptions from Etsy store)

Apple Jack: Metallic pink/mauve with lots of silver reflects. (vegan)
Maize: Orange/gold with a warm mauve base. (vegan)
Whiskey Tango: Orange/brown with red/gold reflects. (vegan)
Rust: Metallic gold/copper with lots of copper reflects. (vegan)
Cider: Copper toned light brown. (vegan)
Candle Lit:  Light shimmery champagne gold. Great as a highlighter! (vegan)
Dusty: Muted gray/green with teeny blue reflects. (contains Carmine)
Blood Moon: Maroon/brown. (contains Carmine)

Sushi (free sample): Matte black base with red sheen and lots of chartreuse reflects.

Please make sure you click images for maximum awesome!


In the sunshine!


In the sunshine!

"Sushi" in the shade

"Sushi" blurred. Just look at that crazy sparkle!

More sparkles! ALL THE SPARKLES!

I also posted a swatch video on Instagram. Click HERE to see the colors in action.

Man, I adore this collection! The colors are so typically "Fall" and I love the names. What's neat about this collection in the amount of sparkle some of the shades give off. Each color is unique and very easy to apply and also very pigmented. I've tried several colors from SSM and I have to say, this is so far my favorite lot of colors.

"Dusty" has tons of blue sparkles that show up around the edges of the shadow. "Candle Lit" kind of glows from the inside out. "Apple Jack" is an awesome maroon shade with lots of sparkles and "Whiskey Tango" is an great rusted brown shade with TONS of sparkle. It's so pretty!

Of course, I have to touch on "Sushi" as well, because, LOOK AT IT. Usually eyeshadow pigment with a heavy matte black base tend to blend down into a dull mess. This eyeshadow has so much dimension and sparkle that even with blending, it held it's color and sparkle. I was amazed.

I'm pretty sure everyone needs something from the SSM Fall 2014 Collection!

Small sample size baggies are $1.25 for 1/8 tsp of product.
Large sample size baggies are $2.25 for 1/4 tsp of product.
Small jar with sifters containing 1/2 tsp of product is $6.00
Large jar with sifters containing 1 1/2 tsp of product is $14.00

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What do you think of this collection? Do you see anything that catches your eye?

*products in this post were provided for review and consideration purposes only. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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