Monday, October 6, 2014

Sugar Skull Minerals "Bejeweled Collection"!

Good evening Zombies!

I have swatches of the latest "Bejeweled" collection from Sugar Skull Minerals. Bejeweled was released on 10/03 so it's brand new!

There are 6 jeweled toned shades in this collection- all shimmer, no heavy sparkle.

Chocolate Pearl - Light chocolate/tan with multi-colored reflects.
Verdelite - (vegan) A light, shiny emerald green.
Amethyst - Dark amethyst purple.
Garnet - Deep dark red.
Star Sapphire - (vegan) Royal blue
Citrine - (vegan) A rich goldenrod.

I am in LOVE with Garnet. It is such a rich garnet shade and so easy to blend! Next up in my favorite is Amethyst, because purple. These shades are lovely and pigmented and each have a nice sheen to them. None of the colors are overly sparkly and are perfectly "bejeweled."

You can grab the entire collection in sample baggies for only $7.25 or individual jars! Check out the Etsy store for more!

Do you see a color here that you'd like bejewel your eyes with?

*products in this post were sent for review and consideration purposes only. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.


  1. Awesome swatches! I am in love with Chocolate Pearl, but can't get over the depth and richness of the rest of the colors, too. They're so pretty!

  2. Great color combos! the colors are creamy and rich. A must try indeed. I want this!


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