Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wantable July 2014 Makeup Box!

Happy Friday zombies!

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to review July's makeup box from Wantable. Wantable is a monthly subscription box filled with higher end makeup products, accessories, or intimates. Wantable costs $36.00 a month if you subscribe or a one time price of $40.00. The difference in Wantable from other monthly subscription boxes is that you're paying for full sized, high end makeup. (I can't speak for the accessorizes or intimates, however.)

How does it work, you ask?

I took the survey and based on my likes and loves, I received the following:

Vincent Longo lip gloss in the color Rede (.24 oz): Retail- $22.00
Tarina Tarantino Black Fleur mascara (.47 oz): Retail- $19.00
Mica Beauty Cosmetics mineral eye shadow in the color "Breeze" (2.5 gram): Retail- $15.00
OFRA gel eyeliner in "White Rabbit" (5 gram): Retail- $17.00
OFRA pressed blush in "Chameleon" (4 gram): Retail- $15.00

$88.00 suggested retail for $36.00!

Right off the bat, I was impressed by the packaging of the more expensive products. Look at that lovely mascara tube!

The blush compact comes with a built in mirror and the compact itself feels very durable and sturdy.

Swatches of the goods!

Here I am wearing "White Rabbit" gel liner and the Tara Tarintino mascara.

My thoughts!

First off, I don't have $36.00 extra dollars a month to spend on a makeup subscription box. IF I did, I think I'd rather be able to choose the products I'm spending my money on. BUT, for that price, and for those who enjoy a monthly surprise, this box stands out from the rest. Not only are you getting full sized products, but they are all very nice and from great brands. You'll never receive something you 'dislike' (you prefer gel eyeliner over pencil- they will never send a pencil) which is awesome.

"White Rabbit" and "Breeze" are the gems of this box. I swatched them one morning and "White Rabbit" was still on my hand hours later (into the evening). It's got a wonderfully smooth texture and glides on your skin. It is definitely above par for a gel eyeliner.. It is my favorite product from this box. If you've known me long, you know I prefer pigment/mineral eyeshadow and "Breeze" really impressed me. It's so unique! It's silver and green and gray and blue all mixed into one complex shade. I really really dig it.

"Rede" from Vincent Longo was nice and moisturizing, but there is NO way I'd spend $22.00 on this lip gloss. It's a basic red like many others I own and doesn't stand out to me as a unique product at all. I guess you're paying for the name.

I love the Tarina Tarantino mascara tube. It's so pretty and edgy and the embossed logo on the lid is awesome. As for the formula, it was lacking a bit and was some what thick once applied.

"Chameleon" blush is very nice! I love the peachy/pink color and the fact that it has just a teeny bit of shimmer in it. It's really pigmented and build-able and is perfect for my skin-tone.

Overall, I really like this box. I think if you're someone who enjoys monthly subscription boxes and are underwhelmed with your current subscriptions or want something new, you should go for this service. You'll always get high end, full sized goodies and if you're not happy with something, returns are free and the customer service is awesome!

Have you subscribed to Wantable? Check them out on Facebook for regular updates!

*products in this post were sent for consideration and review purposes only. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

NYC (New York Color) "City Samba" collection!

Good morning lovelies!

I have a fun post for you today. I was given the opportunity to review a few of the new Summer 2014 "City Samba" collection from NYC (New York Color) and couldn't wait to get them swatched for you! As you probably already know, NYC sells affordable makeup which you can find in your local drugstores, Kmart, Walmart, Target, etc. NYC has been featured in magazines such as Seventeen and Glamour. I *want* to say that NYC has been around since I was a kid (in the 80's) and it seems that they are cranking out some new and impressive products as of late!

Here is the press release I received from NYC!

THINK: A Brazilian beauty escape.

WHAT IT IS: A limited edition color inspired by the vibrancy of Brazil. NYC New York Color is bringing the sexy beaches and sizzling sun of Brazil to New York with a new, limited edition City Samba collection filled with Brazilian fun and flare. Look your sexiest yet with Carnivale-ready nail polishes, brilliant lip glosses, and shimmering bronzing powders.

The NYC New York Color City Samba collection includes:

Liquid Lipshine Lip Gloss ($1.99): High pigment lip glosses with maximum shine and intensity. Available in three limited edition shades, the NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine Lip Gloss is a hydrating formula that leaves lips moisturized and soft and is infused with Vitamin E to protect against environmental damage. And the unique NYC New York Color Perfect Fit Applicator lets you swipe on color, right where you want it, whenever you need it. The shades: Papaya, Passion Fruit, Guava.
Sun N’ Bronze Bronzing Powder ($4.99): A smooth, lightweight bronzing powder that provides the ultimate sun-kissed glow. The NYC New York Color Sun n’ Bronze Bronzing Powder offers a unique combination of bronzing and highlighting shades that blend together to create a customed glow just for you. The ultra-fine and lightweight texture  brushes on flawlessly to cheeks and contours for a natural look. The shades:  Coral Samba and Rosa Rio

In A New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish ($1.99): Ultra-quick dry nail enamel in electrifying summer shades. These high pigment colors are infused with a hint of shimmer for brilliant, tropically-hued nails that won’t fade. The nail strengthening formula is infused with magnesium, iron, copper, and calcium for beautiful nails and specifically formulated to dry in lightning speed time to a dazzling, high shine finish. The shades: Amazon Green (not pictured), Carnival Red, Copabanana, Jacaranda Flower, Ocean Blue, Palm Tree, Sweet Melon (not pictured) and Tropicoral.

Show Time Nail Art ($1.99): Fine-tip glossy polishes in Brazil-inspired, tropical colors. Extend your love of art to your nails with the new Show Time Nail Art line from NYC New York Color. The ultra-thin tip is specially designed to allow for intricate, detailed nail art designs. High shine and glossy, the intensely pigmented color is infused with a hint of gorgeous shimmer and draws on easily to create brilliant nails that capture the creative heart of New York and the passionate spirit of Brazil. The shades: Black Ink, Pinkasso and Silverism
WHERE TO FIND IT: NYC New York Color products are available at chain drugstores and mass merchandisers nationwide starting from June – September 2014. To find a retailer near you, please visit


For consideration, I received:

Sun 'n" Bronze Bronzing Powder in "Coral Samba"
Liquid Lipshine in "Passion Fruit"
In a Minute nail polishes in "Amazon Green", "Jacaranda Flower", "Sweet Melon" and "Copabanana".

And as extras I received:

Intense lip color Twistable crayon in "Fulton St. Fuchsia"
Expert Last lip color in "Red Rapture".



I love the pillowed design on the bronzer.


Swatches! (I mixed all 3 shades of the bronzer for the larger swatch.)

Lip swatches!


The pretty polish! "Jacaranda Flower" is a lot more purple than it seems in this swatch! "Copabanana" has teeny silver sparkles!

I am wearing "Coral Samba" on my cheeks and "Fulton St. Fuchsia" on my lips.

I really like "Coral Samba" and the fact that there are 3 shades that you can choose from OR mix all 3 for a unique blend/wash of color. What really impressed me from this lot was "Red Rapture" lip color. Not only is it pigmented, but it is SO smooth when applied and stays on the lips for a good amount of time. I love the new formula of the lip sticks by NYC.

"Sweet Melon" is my favorite polish from this lot, as I don't own a color like it and it's very opaque. My swatches were just two coats only, so as you can see, all the nail polish are pretty opaque. They also dry really quickly and aren't streaky. For only $1.99, you really can't pass them up!

Overall, I like the products I received from "City Samba" and would like to try a few more lip products from NYC. I love budget friendly makeup!

Have you tried New York Color?

*products in this post were sent for review and consideration purposes only. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kat Von D 'Studded Kiss' Lipstick!

Good evening everyone!

I did a very, very naughty thing today and splurged a little on myself! I went to my local Sephora and purchased 3 of the brand spanking new Studded Kiss lipsticks from Kat Von D. I can't tell you how hard it was narrowing it down to just three. I wanted THEM ALL! ;)

*Be sure to click images for maximum awesome! 

I purchased:

Wolvesmouth: metallic berry
Lullabye: sparkling iridescent magenta violet |
Wonderchilde: iridescent neon lilac

Even the packaging is to die for!

Look at the impression on the lipstick itself. Fancy, fancy!

Aren't they glorious?! *swoon*


On the lips!

I am absolutely in love with Wonderchilde. It was the very first lipstick from this collection that called to me. It's glowy and sparkly with just the right amount of purple/pink duochrome. The red undertone in this lipstick is amazing! Lullabye and Wolvesmouth are equally gorgeous. Each one has a bit of shimmer to it and each seem to glow from the inside out. These are definitely *me* colors but I do think I'd like to order a few more of the darker shades at some point.

The staying power is excellent. I applied Wolvesmouth and it stuck around for a good 6 hours even after eating and drinking. I'm pretty convinced the other two will do the same.

One hint. These lipsticks are a little drying on the lips, so I'd apply a lip balm underneath (beforehand) just to prevent dry lips.

Overall, I'm really impressed with these! The price tag is a little steep. I think MAC lipstick at $15.00 a piece are expensive, so I won't be buying these consistently. I'm happy with my little splurge though and can't wait to play more with my new lipstick! 

Do you see any shades from this collection that you just have to have?

*products in this post were purchased by me. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bright Blue using Fyrinnae!


Ok, so I don't have blue eyes, but I decided to go all out with bright 80's blue by using a few colors from the new Fyrinnae Summer collection and Milani's new Mediterranean Blue mascara. Check it out!

Mah face!

The Goods:

TFSI as primer
NYX jumbo pencil in "Milk" as base
Fyrinnae "Gaiety" main lid and lower lash line
Fyrinnae "Vicious Garden Gnome" above crease
Fyirnnae "Inappropriate Popsicles" blended into crease
Fyrinnae "Nijiro" for highlight
Milani "Mediterranean Blue" mascara for lower lashes
Random upper liner and mascara

MAC "Heroine"

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Purple Smoke using Milani Bella Eyes!


It's Sunday and it's been one hell of a busy week! Today I went to visit a friend who is teaching me how to knit. So, of course, I had to do something with my new Milani Bella Eyes (check out my review and swatches). I opted for a purple combination, adding just a touch of smoke- perfect for daytime wear (or whenever, really!)

A guild for what was used.

The Goods:
TFSI as primer
NYX jumbo pencil in "Milk" as base for eyelid and jumbo pencil in "Purple" as a base for the lower lash line
Milani "Bella Pink" on main lid and inner corner
Milani "Bella Rouge" above crease
Milani "Bella Black" blended into the crease
Milani "Bella Violet" patted over "Purple" base on lower lash line
Milani "Bella Chiffon" as highlight
Random liner and mascara 

I think this came out so pretty! I really adore the Bella Eyes line.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Milani Cosmetics "Bella Eyes" Gel Eyeshadow swatches!

Good evening Zombies!

I am SO excited about this post! I have all 30 of the brand spanking new Milani Cosmetics "Bella Eyes" gel eyeshadow swatched for you! This collection is beyond beautiful and the quality is just excellent, especially considering how wallet friendly they are! "Bella Eyes" can be found anywhere Milani is sold (in your area) or online for $3.99 a pop! 

So, let's just dig right in! PLEASE be sure to click images for maximum awesome!

What are "Bella Eyes"? Well, per the Milani Cosmetics website, they are

"A gel powder – what would that even look like? We’ll tell you: It looks like rich, vibrant color that glides on in a single stroke, delivering a stunning multi-dimensional effect. What makes it a gel powder? Well, the formula starts as a gel and then is transformed by a special process into a stunning powder eyeshadow with pure color and power wear.

The unique process allows you to blend this incredibly innovative, weightless formula easily with your fingertips to light up your eyes. Even more to entice: It can used wet or dry, resists creasing,and comes in satin matte, shimmer and iridescent metallic finishes. You just have to try this gel powder. It’s that different."




I photographed the eyeshadow in sets of 5. The top photos are natural light no flash, bottom photos are natural light with flash.

Bella Rose: Highlight/Shimmer, Bella Pink: Shimmer, Bella Violet: Shimmer, Bella Purple: Satin Matte, Bella Fuchsia: Satin Matte

Bella Rouge: Metallic, Bella Mandarin: Satin Matte, Bella Sky: Shimmer, Bella Teal: Metallic, Bella Cobalt: Satin Matte

Bella Navy: Satin Matte, Bella Khaki: Shimmer, Bella Emerald: Shimmer, Bella Gray: Satin Matte, Bella Shiver: Metallic

Bella Chiffon: Highlighter/Shimmer, Bella Ivory: Satin Matte, Bella Diamond: Highligher/Shimmer, Bella White: Satin Matte, Bella Sand: Shimmer

Bella Champagne: Shimmer, Bella Gold: Metallic, Bella Copper: Metallic, Bella Bronze, Metallic, Bella Cappuccino: Satin Matte

Bella Caffe: Satin Matte, Bella Espresso: Satin Matte, Bella Taupe: Satin Matte, Bella Charcoal: Shimmer, Bella Black: Satin Matte

SWATCHES!! (Everything was swatched over a sticky base.)

I adore Bella Teal, Bella Taupe, Bella Rouge, Bella Violet, Bella Black and Bella Copper. To be honest, there isnt a color here that I didn't "ohhh" over as I swatched it!

Bella Eyes are so smooth and buttery and blend exceptionally well. Bella Black is just that, a super pigmented black! I am so impressed with this line that I could scream it from the mountain tops! Milani continues to up their game as the years go by by cranking out killer products. *fist bump Milani!*

Full hand swatches. Second set was take with my iPhone 5s.

iPhone Swatches!

Do you see a color or 2 (or 10) here you just can't resist?

*products in this post were provided by Milani Cosmetics for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.