Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ipsy Glam Bag! August 2015

*products in this post were purchased by me. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Hey zombies!

It's that time of month again! I received my ipsy glam bag in the mail! If you don't know what ipsy is: It's a monthly subscription service and for $10.00 a month, you'll receive a makeup bag with 4-5 full sized or deluxe sample sized beauty products. I'll be posting the bags each month, so stay tuned to the blog. :)

The theme for August is: Prep School!

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While I'm not super thrilled with the theme, the bag on the other hand is AWESOME! It feels like duct tape and has an interesting texture to it, as I tried to show you in the following photo. 

I received:

Hikari Cosmetics full sized lip gloss in the shade "Salsa". It's a fiery tomato red and it's surprisingly pigmented for a lip gloss.
CityColor Cosmetics HD loose finishing powder. I'm guessing it's a deluxe sized sample.There is 4 grams of product.
Starlooks full sized Luxe Longwear eyeliner pen which is black.
La Fresh sample sized eco-beauty good night. night cream which has .5 oz.
Briogeo sample (1oz)of Blossom and Bloom volumizing blow dry spray. It smells SO good and clean.

I did a little research to figure out how much the products in this months bag were worth and here is the breakdown.
Hikari lip gloss $13.00 on their website.
City Colors HD powder is $5.99 for 7 grams. The sample is 4 grams. So, less than $1.00 for this sample. 
Starlooks full sized Luxe Longwear eyeliner pen $19.00 on their website.
LaFresh eco-beauty night cream. The full sized retails for $40.00 and has 1.7 oz of product. You'll have to do the math on that one. LOL!
Briogeo volumizing blow dry spray retails for $18.00 on their website for 5.1 oz of product. The sample I received is 1 oz. This sample is roughly $3.50. 

As you can see, just ONE of the full sized products in this month's bag pays for the whole month.

I'm really excited about the eyeliner pen. It was a little runny upon first application and took a while to dry, but once it was dry, it did not budge! I love the applicator tip and can't wait to try it on my eyes. I also really like the Volumizing blow dry spray from Briogeo. It smells just like the Satsuma scent from the Body Shop. Yes! I have a gazillion lip gloss in the color I received from Hikari, so I'm kind of MEH about that and the night cream sample. My skin is really sensitive to new products and it freaks out on me. I love to try them, but usually hate the results. I'll carefully tread the waters with this night cream. I really want to try the HD finishing powder as well. The white scares me as I'm pale as it is, but I know with matte finishing powders, a little goes a LONG way. 

What did YOU get this month? I know some people aren't very happy with ipsy lately, but I've enjoyed my bags for the last two months. I don't put too much expectation into it, so I think that's why I've been pleased with my products.

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  1. The HD powder is actually translucent and won't add color. Just be careful not to put too much, because silica can reflect light like a motherfucker and will ruin pictures with flash!


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