Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Matte Attack lipstick and other badassery from BeautyBarBaby!

*products in this post were purchased by me and sent for consideration purposes. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Good evening Zombies!

Tonight I'd like to take another look at a company I reviewed a few years ago called BeautyBarBaby, which is an Etsy based indie cosmetic company.

BeautyBarBaby just recently came out with brand spankin' new new lipsticks called "Matte Attack" liquid lipstick. The owner was offering them on a presale basis in her Facebook group, so I grabbed two: "Girl Crush" and "Poison Apple". I also picked up "Naked Dolly" pressed highlighter and "Champagne Cocktail" cosmetic glitter. Nicole was kind enough to add two more glitters and her "Bling Bling!" glitter/eyeliner sealer to my order.

Take a closer look at the products! All descriptions are from the BBB Etsy store.

"Naked Dolly" highlighter:  A pale champagne colored powder with pinkish gold reflecting highlights.

Ohhh, sparkles!

Dreadfully Divine: a custom blend of opaque black & transparent multidimensional purples (named for one of my favorite ladies on the beauty block!)
Champagne Cocktail: a super sparkly neutral champagne holographic glitter
Kirsten: a multidimensional medium purple glitter

"Our Glitters are top quality microfine/ultrafine cosmetic grade glitters & are perfect for face, body & nail art & are custom blended in house to insure uniqueness. .004/.008 particle size"

*The tubes rolled just as I was taking the picture and I got a little bit of "Poison Apple" on it's tube. #FAIL

Girl Crush: Semi Metallic vivid purple with pink shimmers
Poison Apple: Semi Metallic blackened red
Bling Bling! glitter sealer: Our Glitter/Eyeliner Sealer can be used to adhere your loose glitters to your face & body & also doubles as a eyeliner/wet liner sealer! Just mix a few drops with your loose mineral eye colors to make a liquid eyeliner

The lipstick come in a cylinder tube with a doe foot applicator, which is my favorite. 

Swatches! (I used Bling Bling! under the swatches of glitter.)

Top photos in each set are with flash.

I can't even begin to explain to you the love I feel toward "Poison Apple". When I first saw it in the tube, I thought it might just have a little too much of a brown undertone for my liking. Once I applied it to my lips, I was blown away at just how amazingly gorgeous it really is. Nicole blew this one out of the park. I have a very extensive lipstick collection and I do not own a color even similar to this one. Not only is it pigmented, it lasts a really long time on the lips. The only note worth mentioning is that you will need to apply lip balm prior to putting this on your lips as it's just a touch on the dry side. Other than that, I'm amazed.

"Girl Crush" is also super beautiful. It's one of those lipsticks that needs to be built up on the lips and once 2 or 3 coats are applied, it becomes such a gorgeous shade of purple with a pink undertone. It's unique and bold and the perfect purple for me.

I also want to touch on the highlighter. I've been looking for a nice rose gold highlighter that won't break the bank but that still has pigmentation and staying power to it. I've tried several different brands and although "Naked Dolly" isn't the rose gold I was hoping for, it's flipping GORGEOUS! It leans a lot more white gold and champagne to me, but it stays on my skin and it shows up without looking like I'm glowing. I will 100% be purchasing a few more of the highlighters from BBB. I'm super impressed. Nicole let me know that "Ballerina" is the rose gold highlighter in the shop. I'll be ordering as soon as I can.

I also purchased"Champagne Cocktail" glitter to go with my champagne highlighter and "Poison Apple" because I'm a freak. I have a feeling the 3 of those products will work great together to create and awesome sparkly look. (Hopefully I'll actually have time soon to do that and show you all!) As far as cosmetic glitter go, I like the size of BBB's. Some cosmetic glitter these days are super sketchy and I'd put them no where near my eye, but I'm comfortable with the size and the consistency of Nicole's glitters. Plus, sparkle! I have not played around much yet with the Bling Bling! glitter adhesive, but I intend to in the upcoming weeks and post some looks on my Instagram: @makeupzombie.

Overall, I am so happy with my order. "Poison Apple" and "Naked Dolly" will be getting a lot of use this Fall!

Product pricing:
"Matte Attack" liquid lipstick are $13.95 each for a 4.5 ml tube.
Pressed highlighters are $10.99 for  or you can get them in loose pigment form (3 grams in a 20 gram sifter top jar) for $10.00.
Glitters are $7.00 for 4 grams of glitter (that's a lot of sparkle!)
Bling Bling! is $4.50 for a 5ml squeeze bottle 

Do you own any products from BeautyBarBaby? What are your favorites?


  1. Aww I love you too! <3 Seriously lady I don't think that there is a color that you can't rock! Love the swatches!

  2. Is the girl crush liquid lipstick streaky/patchy? i want to buy it but in swatches of it, it seems streaky.
    how is wear time on these liquid lipsticks


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