Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Espionage Cosmetics Review and SWATCHES!

Good evening Zombies and Happy Hump Day!

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I traveled to Denver, CO to the Denver ComicCon with my husband and our friend. I was also able to meet up with my best makeup buddy Sam from Kiss My Sparkle.

As we were perusing the aisles and looking at all things geeky, Sam and I happened upon the booth of Espionage Cosmetics (which Sam had heard good things about) and were instantly time warped into a land of geeky makeup, nail wraps and sparkles. All other *things* faded away. I was surprised that I'd never heard of this company before, especially with the uniquely themed eyeshadow collections they have, such as The Gamer Girl and Eye-Spy. Sam and I had a lovely (and in depth) conversation with Jaimie the owner of Espionage and purchased some goodies to take home and play with, which I've decided to swatch for you!

I purchased 4 eyeshadows as a bundle for $25.00 + 1 (Epic- from the Gamer Girl collection) for $7.50. Because World of Warcraft, duh.

(Be sure to click images for maximum awesome!)

(descriptions from the Espionage website- which I freaking LOVE)

Mata Hari: What's more controversial than a turn of the century exotic dancer executed for allegedly being a spy? We're not sure but we tip our hats to Mata Hari with this explosively sparkletagious shade of gold. Any espionage girl knows the value of gold and this mineral color is one you just can't live without.
Josephine Baker: How do you fit a bad ass story of rags to riches to espionage to fighting Nazis and racism into a single color of awesomeness? We're still working on it. In the meantime, this shimmering color does its best to live up to the super spy's "Black Pearl" nickname. The dark shades of cocoa swirl with iridescent green for a deadly color you don't want to mess with.
E.V.P: Can you feel the presence of something awesome? This chilling black with pumpkin, gold, highlights is sure to speak to others of how awesome you are. Obviously.
Clairvoyant: Commune with your inner vixen with this hot pink shade from a whole new realm! Clairvoyant is a sure fire way to get in touch with your inner hotness.
Epic: Seriously, the name says it all. This highly pigmented purple rocks your face off with a punch of color and a splash of golden shimmer!


SWATCHES! I used Pixie Epoxy from Fyrinnae as my base.

Sunshine swatches of sparkle and magic!

Josephine Baker is by far my favorite from the eyeshadow I purchased. I adore the green/teal flash within it's dark base. It's got a strong duo-chrome which I love. Mata-Hari is a lovely olive toned gold with lots of sparkle. It's beautiful in the sunlight! Clairvoyant is a super hot pink with pink sparks throughout. I'm freaking in love with this shade and want to use it all the days. Epic is fun too as it has loads of green sparkles throughout the purple base, also making it slightly duo-chrome. And E.V.P is an AWESOME shimmer, rich dark shade. In the sunlight it bursts with sparkle.

I wasn't sure how unique these shades would be upon first swatching them on my hand but once I swatched them properly and with a base, the colors and sparkles POPPED! And each shade is super blend-able and pigmented. I adore the names of the eyeshadow from Espionage as well as the themed collections. Each eyeshadow is $7.50 (USD) or your can purchase a bundle/collection for $28.00. Espionage not only sells pigment eyeshadow but they also carry Lip Serums and Nail Wraps (there is a Dr. Who themed set which I saw in person in Denver that is AMAZING!)

I'm so happy to have stumbled upon Espionage Cosmetics, especially at a large event like Denver ComicCon. It made my whole weekend to not only see my best friend and meet one of my favorite artists Megan Lara, but to also leave Denver with some gorgeous sparkles. Run (don't walk) to the Espionage Cosmetics website and grab yourself some!