Monday, September 14, 2015

Colourpop Fall 2015 collection!

*all products in this post were purchased by me. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Happy ass Monday, zombies!

Unless you live under a rock, I'm sure you ALL know the name Colourpop by now. (Hopefully) Much to my excitement, they recently released their Fall 2015 collection that was a throwback to the 90's with the names and colors in the collection. I immediately snagged 4 of the eyeshadows and 2 of the lippiestix in this new collection.

Let's check them out!  *Be sure to click images for maximum awesome!

I purchased:


Stereo: a blackened burgundy with copper and pink violet duo chrome glitter sprinkled on top in a Metallic finish
Party Time: a dusty mauve grey in Matte finish
Mixed Tape: mid-tone cool grey in a Pearlized finish
Boy Band: an intense red copper in an Ultra- Metallic finish


Contempo: a mid-tone dusty rose in a Matte finish
Dazed: a berry red in Matte finish


On mah lips!

I can't even tell you how much I love "Stereo". It's such a gorgeous burgundy with tons of sparkle that actually shine through when the eyeshadow is blended down.! (Especially since all I did (mostly) in the 90's was listen to music and record songs from my stereo to a tape.) Check out those blue sparkles in "Party Time"! It's a great taupe for a neutral eye with a pop of color (EXCELLENT!). "Boy Band" is a great metallic copper. I love the sheen it puts off (The Backstreet Boys would be proud)! "Mixed Tape" reminds me of an overcast Fall sky. (I feel like I need to listen to The Cure while wearing it!)

As always with Colourpop, the eyeshadow are almost like butter. I can't even explain the texture, other than being a fluffy, sparkly cloud of awesome. I love this Fall collection as it is a throwback to some of the best times of my life. The 90's! :D

"Contempo" and "Dazed" are both pigmented and smooth matte lippies. "Contempo" is slightly darker in real life, as opposed to the photo on my lips, but it's gorgeous.

I just adore Colourpop. Plain and simple. Full sized eyeshadow from Colourpop are $5.00 each, lippiestix are $5.00 and Ultra matte lipstick are $6.00. Amazing products at a great price. Get yourself some!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Darling Girl Cosmetics "Queens of Horror" collection!

*some products in this post were a giveaway prize and gift from owner of DGC. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Happy Hump Day, Zombies!

I'm back with a new and exciting review from Darling Girl Cosmetics! This time it's the "Queens of Horror" collection, which I won from their Facebook giveaway (a full sample set). Susan, the owner, was nice enough to send me the lip products that go along with the collection.

Queens of Horror: This years Halloween collection is an homage to the baddest chicks in horror! 

*This collection will be available on 09/12/2015. 

There are 12 new eyeshadow shades and 2 lip products (one pucker paint and one Balm Gloss)

 New eyeshadow names and descriptions:

Do You Like Scary Movies? - Deep indigo base with green/pink iridescence.
Got Face? – Metallic pewter loaded with shifting pink to orange holo-sparkle. 
Hello, Clarice - Dusty blue/grey base with indigo purple sheen and violet sparkle. 
Hotel Hell - Dusty lavender/taupe base with violet iridescence, satin matte finish. 
Married to the Macabre – Charcoal brown base with strong green sheen and a shift to a bronzey gold in certain lighting. 
Onryo (Vengeful Spirit) – Shell pink with copper shimmer and green iridescence. 
Possessed Princess – Chartreuse with gold sheen, purple shimmer and shifting blue to purple holo-sparkle. 
Prom Queen – Reddish brown with golden bronzes iridescence and violet sparkles. 
Queen of Scream – Peachy copper loaded with pink and gold sparkle. 
Shower Scream – Teal blue with pink sheen and pink and blue sparkle. 
The Bride – Blackened pine green base with green shimmer and silver iridescence. 
You B*tch – Grey/green base with emerald green sheen and shifting blue to purple holo-sparkle.

I’m Into Survival Balm Gloss 3D – Bubblegum pink with shifting blue to purple holo-sparkle
Mistress of Darkness Pucker Paint – Ruby red base loaded with violet pearl giving it a purple hue. The metallic Pucker Paints will look best if you lightly rub your fingertip or q-tip over your lips after the product has dried completely; this will bring the beautiful finish out and keep it from looking as though the color has settled into lip lines. 


I took several photos so that you can all see just how AMAZING "Married to the Macabre" is. O.O

Lip swatches!

Obviously, "Married to the Macabre" steals the show with this collection. It's an amazing, in your face lime green on a dark base that changes colors depending on the light and angle. It's flipping gorgeous! Each color is unique and sparkly and I love the names. On par with DGC, the shadows are all very pigmented and easy to blend. "Shower Scream" and "Hotel Hell", along with "Married to the

"Mistress of Darkness" is also beyond gorgeous. It has a matte finish to it and it's an insanely pretty blue based purple. It wears well on the lips and isn't drying like some matte lippies tend to be. I also love the blue sparks in "I'm Into Survival." Because it's a balm, it's very smooth and creamy on the lips.

Overall, this is a fun collection with an awesome theme and great names! Be sure to grab some of these babies on the 12th!

If you'd like to see more of my "looks" and random weirdness, I'm mostly active on Instagram @makeupzombie and tend to do a lot of swatches there. Check it out!