Sunday, November 27, 2016

Colourpop Holiday 2016 !Swatches!


Oh my god, it's a blog post! With pictures of new makeup! What has life come to. ;)

I've been on a Colourpop Cosmetics buying spree over the last year (or maybe it's hoarding?) and I figured it was time to start showing everyone the goods. I usually post on Instagram (@makeupzombie) but wanted to give take a more in-depth look at some of my new makeup from Colourpop. Sooo, let's go!

*as always, please click the images for maximum awesome!

Last week, Colourpop was offering free Ultra Metallic lipsticks depending on how much you spent on the site. I ended up spending about $30.00, so snagged two free lipsticks.

I purchased the "Never Not Chillin" set and "Tinsel" supershock eyeshadow which are both limited edition for the holidays. The "Never Not Chillin" set is $30.00 and as with all supershock eyeshadow from Colourpop, "Tinsel" was $5.00.

"Never Not Chillin" contains 5 super shock eyeshadow (two of which I believe are new this year).

Descriptions per CP website:

Peekaboo: Metallic ivory with silver glitter 
Desert: Satin warm brown
Thirsty Girl: Metallic bronze with multi-dimensional glitter
Patchwork: Ultra-Glitter turquoise with duo chrome glitters
Fairfax: Matte black brown
Babykins: Metallic burgundy with pink glitter

Tinsel: Metallic finish grayed out icy lavender

The set came in this adorable outer sleeve box and were housed in a round box that looks like a record. I won't like, the packaging is what drew me to this set this most. Well, that and Thirsty Girl, which you'll see down below.

All nestled together!
The "Never Not Chillin" complete set.

Desert: Satin warm brown

Babykins: Metallic burgundy with pink glitter

Fairfax: Matte black brown

Peekaboo: Metallic ivory with silver glitter

Thirsty Girl: Metallic bronze with multi-dimensional glitter

Patchwork: Ultra-Glitter turquoise with duo chrome glitters

Annnnd, we can't forget about "Tinsel"!


Now let's talk about the two Ultra Matte lipstick that I received for free with my order. I ordered 3- Way and Mugshot.

"3-Way" is described as a plummy pink with gold sparkle in a Metallic finish
"Mugshot" is described as a vibrant rusty red in a Metallic finish

Look at that shine!

All together now! 
(The photos are slightly out of focus, so I could really show you the sparkles in the eyeshadows.)

My thoughts!

I am, and have been for some time, a die hard Colourpop fan. I think in the few years I've been purchasing from Colourpop that I have maybe received one or two items that I don't love and use regularly. The buttery consistency and soft texture of their eyeshadow is nothing short of magical and if that wasn't enough, the eyeshadow itself is almost always pigmented and easy to blend.

*Hint, purchase Wet N' Wild eyeshadow brushes to use with Colourpop shadows. The apply them to the lids like a charm and keep you from using your fingers! (Though, I like to pat my CP's on with my fingers for ultimate payoff.)

My favorites in the "Never Not Chillin" set are "Thirsty Girl" because, duh! gold sparkles!, "Patchwork" because of the lovely blue sparkles over a darkened base, and "Babykins". I'm a sucker for sparkles. "Desert" is a great transition color, "Fairfax" is a lovely cocoa brown and would be great to deepen up your crease and "Peekaboo" is a perfect brow bone highlight! I also really like "Tinsel" but found it to be a little less pigmented that I'd expected it to be.

"3-Way" and "Mugshot" are both lovely. Though it looks really opaque in the tube, "3-Way" is pretty sheer and take a few coats to build up coverage. "Mugshot" however is what you see. It's a gorgeous firey rust red (which leans almost pink in certain lighting) and is super metallic on the lips. The Ultra Metallic lipstick are $6.00 on the Colourpop website.

Go forth, if you haven't already, and purchase all the Colourpop. Not only are the products affordable, you're also receiving fantastic quality with each product.

Thank you for reading! I promise I won't be gone for so long!  In the meantime, you can find me on Instagram @makeupzombie and on Facebook MakeupZombie!

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